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E-mail Services

E-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication. orĀ  electronic mail, email (or e-mail) is defined as the transmission of messages over communications networks. Typically the messages are notes entered from the keyboard or electronic files stored on disk. Most mainframes, minicomputers, and computer networks have an email system.

E-mail was one of the first uses of the Internet and is still the most popular use. A large percentage of the total traffic over the Internet is e-mail. E-mail can also be exchanged between online service provider users and in networks other than the Internet, both public and private.

Email has revolutionized business communications. Entrepreneurs are no longer at the mercy of the speed of the post office and don’t have to roll the dice on whether someone is in the office to receive a phone call. Businesses can save money, open up effective marketing options, keep communication lines open within a company and collaborate on projects all through the use of email. Up and coming generations of workers are more comfortable using email than traditional letters or memos. Companies can explore methods of using email to reach important goals and make business more efficient.


In a work place, communication is extremely important. Employees are now luckily able to make use of the many advantages of email.

  1. It is very easy to communicate effectively with anybody within the office or anywhere in the world regardless of where they are situated.
  2. Another advantage of having Business E-mail Communication at work is that you can respond to clients quickly and easily. This means that you no longer need to spend hours on the phone, trying to get through and leaving messages with receptionists.
  3. Messages can be sent quickly, in an instant.
  4. The cost of sending an email is very low, unlike postage and other methods of communication.
  5. It is easy to use, simply type the name of the recipient, a subject line and your message and click the send button.
  6. You can copy others on correspondence. You can even blind copy someone (BCC) if you don’t want the recipient of the email to know that you are sending it to another person. A large number of people can be copied and communicated with at once.
  7. You can send attachments, such as photgraphs, files and spreadsheets.
  8. You can book appointments in other people’s diaries. They can then accept or decline the appointment.
  9. Email saves time. No need to spend valuable time going to someone else’s office.
  10. Emails can be responded to in your own time, when it is convenient for you. It is not invasive like a visitor or phone call which requires immediate attention.
  11. It speeds up the workflow process, documents can be sent for comment, corrections can be made quickly.
  12. Emailing saves paper and printing costs.