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Bulk SMS

bulk sms smart prabidhi

The Bulk SMS solution provided by Smart Prabidhi Pvt. Ltd allows Nepal-based organizations to send high volumes of multiple SMS to their users at a time. Bulk SMS provides the reliable, cost effective and easiest way that enables you to connect, transact and interact with your customers, employees, suppliers and partners all over the country. You can use bulk SMS for Alerts, Notifications and Competition for your type of business. Many organizations are already using Bulk SMS services as an innovative way of marketing.

As people use their mobile devices such as cell phones, handhelds and palmtops to do everything ranging from using their e-mail accounts to corporate and personal information access, Internet access and so on. With the growing popularity and wide usage of SMS, the concept of Bulk SMS services has emerged. The Bulk SMS solution provided by Smart Prabidhi Pvt. Ltd is perfectly cost effective and suits your organizational and business needs.

As we all know mobile penetration in our country is increasing day by day, SMS service is one of the best ways to reach out the public/staff and other well-wisher of the organization. The features offered by bulk SMS service are:

  1. You can keep your Staff & Subscribers up to date with your latest updates. Its effective advertising.
  2. It can be used for two ways messaging; where you can receive, feedback, requests, etc. from your staffs, public and others.
  3. The BoD’s, employees of your organization can be informed about certain events, meetings, occasions, etc.
  4. You can send group message all at a time.